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  • Immigration Consulting Center
  • Vocational Training Center (3)
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  • Kids Tutoring Center
  • Sunny Healthy Club
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  • Horizon Day Camp /CND (1)

College MAC

  • The All-in-one educational institute with six locations in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • Welcome to Multicultural Academy Canada

    International Language Center

    • Recognized by government of Canada, gouvernement du Québec, to provide French/English/Chinese language courses from beginner to advanced level in variety formats


    Kids Tutoring Center

    • Cooperated with Quebec public school board and Chinese community to provide language, arts & sports lessons and help grade 5 students pass secondary admission test

    Vocational Training Center

    • Cooperated with Quebec public school board, local and remote college to provide satisfactory-guaranteed career programs for new immigrants and international students

    Immigration Consulting Center

    • Certified by ICCRC-Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council and MICC to provide professional service related to student visa, student immigration and more

    Horizon Day Camp

    • Certified by ACQ and ACC/CCA, supported by Ville-Marie, CSDM , RSB, MCCCC, CJNT to provide summer activities and cultural lessons to primary and secondary students

    Sunny Health Club

    • Investing on the health for yourself, your kids, your family, and you will never be disappointed. Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Badminton, Basketball...

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